A love note to the fans

NY and Boston fans, that is AKA knuckle-dragging nincompoops.


This week in living color, times two, we're reminded that that guy next door, down the hall, one cubicle over or at the gym isn't some freakishly devolved missing link without an indoor voice. He's simply from the Northeast. Is there anything on God's green Earth more nauseatingly and teeth-grindingly annoying than a New York or Boston fan transplant? (Okay, Philly. But that's another rant.) Truly a miracle of the evolutionary dichotomy of ignorance and arrogance. A race of knuckle-dragging nincompoops bursting with in-your-face pride of said nincompoopery. A nation of Snooki and Situation satires of humanity who obscenely and mercilessly butcher the English language with gems like fuh-get-abow-dit and re-taaah-ded but still justify ridiculing the Southern drawl.
"Yous guys sho-ah tahh-k funny!"
A mass of migraine-inducing mental midgets who won't shut up about how aaaah-some it is in Bahh-ston or f***in great it is to be a New Yoh-kah but fail to explain or even acknowledge that they have fled their orgasmic utopias and moved to Florida. Not to mention the colossal and catastrophic car crash of stubbornness versus denial when they manage to endlessly criticize Tampa Bay residents for not supporting their local teams, but meanwhile stuff their spare tire into a Jeter jersey despite the fact that their driver's license says The Sunshine State at the top.


Stomping into the Trop, the Forum or RJS wearing enemy colors while you live and work here, pointing and laughing at your neighbors as you heave profanity-laced and unsolicited advice on how to be a real fan, doesn't make you superior, respected or even unique. It makes you an asshole. And not the fun kind of asshole in every group of friends who's got your back when something goes down. A truly worthless asshole who'd realize nobody's listening if he'd just shut up for a split second. You know what you don't see a lot of up North? Florida plates. You know why? Think about it, jag-aaahf.
That said, if you're visiting from the New York or Boston area to take in a Yankees or Bruins game, welcome to Florida. Please wipe the seat after you pee, don't be shocked to see people smoking outside (this is America) and don't forget it's national adopt-a-transplant week (they're like yip-yap dogs without all their shots).