How to buy a running shoe (and avoid icky, oozy, sticky blisters)

(The Stinky Drinkers are members of a beer-loving running team in training for the Women's Running Magazine Women's Half Marathon coming up this November in downtown St. Pete!  We're up to 10 miles per run and counting...and we're toasting every Tuesday night at Push Ultra Lounge with free John Hughes films and your chance to help support the fight against Leukemia and Lymphoma.)

Phylis has blisters. Big, nasty, fluid-filled pustules all over his feet.

Well, let me rephrase — Phylis HAD blisters all over his feet until just a few days ago when they finally burst, revealing stinging sores that stick to his socks, causing pain that fills his eyes with tears when he walks. This occurrence is especially unpleasant when Phylis is walking with friends from his place of business with whom he has not shared his blisters affliction — they simply think he's sensitive or, perhaps, suffering from terrible allergies.