John Brennan hearing to become CIA director could be forum on U.S. use of drones overseas

On Thursday, Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden will be among several Democrats and Republicans poised to challenge John Brennan during his Senate confirmation hearings to become the country's new CIA director. Wyden intends to question Brennan about the U.S. government's policy on drone warfare, particularly the targeted killing of U.S. citizens who are suspected terrorists.

On Monday night, NBC News reported about a memo issued last summer that outlines the Obama administration's decision to kill Al Qaeda terrorist suspects without any evidence that specific and imminent plots were being planned against the United States.

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"The threat posed by Al Qaeda and its associated forces demands a broader concept of imminence in judging when a person continually planning terror attacks presents an imminent threat," concluded the document.

To call this problematic is the understatement of the Obama administration.