Why is Hillsborough County Auditor Jim Barnes being asked to resign?

As we reported yesterday, Hillsborough County Commission Chair Ken Hagan, in response to wide spread outrage over the report last week that Hillsborough County Administrator Pat Bean and County Attorney were snooping in on e-mails written by County Auditor Jim Barnes regarding his investigation into how the two ended up giving themselves pay raises back in 2007, wrote and distributed a letter Tuesday calling on all three public officials to submit their resignations by next Tuesday, March 16.

Hagan has called for a meeting after the scheduled 1:30 p.m. workshop on transportation to discuss the situation.

But only 5 Commissioners will be there, as both Al Higginbotham and Jim Norman are out of town, and today's meetings were only called for within the past week.  They are not public hearings.  Higgenbotham is apparently upset that the meeting will even take place, as he told WMNF's Sean Kinane last night.   He called last week for the meeting to be held on March 17.

Meanwhile, a question that needs to be asked (and hopefully answered) is: why Hagan wants to throw Jim Barnes out with the bathwater?