Swimming “Under the Sea” at Tampa Theatre

Last night, a small group of us from Creative Loafing (well, three, and an honorary member) attended Tampa Theatre’s Sing-a-Long Little Mermaid. While staff writer Alex Pickett and I were enthused about the event, our excitement was exceeded by that of our female companions, Editorial Assistant Franki Weddington and WMNF contributor Emily Reddy, both of whom know every song in the film by heart.Ariel and Sebastian in The Little Mermaid

As we had expected, most of those in attendance were parents and their small children, many of whom had dressed up for the special occasion as their favorite character. But our mini-entourage, having fond memories of seeing the film when we were, uh, younger, was also giddy for the chance to croon — without fear of reproach — some of the best songs in any Disney film.