Dudley blasts Florida Polytech's request for additional funding

  • Dwight Dudley

It was about a year ago you might recall all the sturm and drang in Tallahassee revolving around Polk County's state Senator J.D. Alexander's push to have USF Polytech sever its relationship with USF and become its own state university in Lakeland.

Among the criticism was how much extra it would cost the state, but Alexander assured everyone that that the tax dollars previously allotted for USF-Poly would simply roll over to the new Polytechnic University and everyone would be happy.

Well, that ain't the way it's going, and last week he Polytechnic Board of Trustees recently decided to ask the Legislature for an extra $25 million to finish its first building.

Recently elected Pinellas House Democrat Dwight Dudley is not amused.