Update: Frank Ocean's new album is supposed to be here in November.

Why does he do this to us?

click to enlarge Frank Ocean, Self-Portrait - http://frankocean.tumblr.com/
Frank Ocean, Self-Portrait

Frank Ocean is up to...something.

UPDATE 2: Now it's pushed back to November (via Highsnobiety). We're pretty much never gonna get this thing. You can listen to some of the instrumentals though.

UPDATE: The New York Times has pointed out that Boys Don't Cry will be released this Friday, August 5 exclusively on Apple Music for what's expected to be two weeks before wide release. The release will apparently be accompanied by a video

The acclaimed, secretive, songwriter updated his website early this morning to include an looped video with two desks in a plain room. The video was shot by Francisco Soriano, the director responsible for Ocean's now super hard to find 2013 video, "Lost."

What's more is that Ocean's website now features an old-school library cart highlighting a bunch of old dates (presumably a nod to all the times the world thought it was getting a follow up to Ocean's 2014, Grammy-winning soul/R&B triumph Channel Orange). See it below?

Does it mean he's going to finally drop his sophomore release, Boys Don't Cry?

Who the fuck knows right now, but now Mr. Ocean has our attention. 

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