Concert review: Ghostface Killah and Raekwon at The Ritz Ybor

This review comes courtesy of Cooper Levy-Baker, editor of Creative Loafing Sarasota and contributor to The 941 and Tampa Calling.

Saturday night’s big Ghostface Killah/Raekwon gig at The Ritz Ybor was billed as the Skatepark of Tampa’s “Pro Contest Party,” and, as a party, it was sick. (Photo below not from the show.)

A pleasantly multicultural crowd — skate kids, rap aficionados, hipsters — filled the wide expanse in front of the stage; free PBR flowed for a couple solid hours; some dude wandered through the crowd handing out gratis T-shirts and trucker hats. The fans went appropriately nuts when Raekwon and, later, Ghostface first emerged onstage, throwing their Wu hand-Ws in the air. The beats boomed, Wu classics flew and bodies started moving. A good time was had by all.