Top 10 reasons you should read comic books

At some point in your life, in one way or another, you've come across a comic book.

You read them when you were younger; you made fun of someone for reading them when you were younger. (Or last week.) You saw Spider-Man 3 on its opening weekend; someone gave you their copy of Spider-Man 3 for your birthday.

You decided to pass on playing Wolverine in the first X-Men movie; you're a household name because you played Wolverine in the first X-Men movie, the second, the third and eventually your own spin-off. (Or maybe that's only if you're Dougray Scott - hope Mission Impossible II was worth it.)

You watched Batman with bated breath; you watched Batman and Robin with a weak gag reflex.

Maybe you dated someone who read them, bought one as a gag gift, passed that guy with the unfortunate haircut looking at them at Borders, or just liked Batman: The Animated Series.

Or you just can't log on to read your Daily Loaf without some guy tricking you into reading about them with pictures of Ryan Reynolds' abs or Jennifer Aniston.

Whatever the case, comics are a part of your life — and it's time for you to come to terms with the Top 10 reasons you should read comic books:



It's been said that there are no more original ideas. That everything's been done. Now, I'm certainly not suggesting that Marvel Comics — or DC — invented the idea of the superhero. The ideology surrounding them existed before Joan Rivers was in diapers. But in terms of modern pop culture, well, Marvel and DC practically did invent the superhero. They certainly made them relevant.

If you're going to do something that's been done, do it better. Google Days of Future Past or watch an X-Men movie: Hugh Jackman and Hayden Panettiere, Wolverine and Claire, respectively, share more in common than an eight-head.

I'm not saying Heroes is a bad show. It isn't. I've seen it, though like much of America, I'm not watching it now.  Humans discovering they have superhuman abilities, dealing with a government that hates and fears them, all while trying to save the world — it's a great concept. Potential cures, racing through time and dealing with horrible futures — it's compelling. When it's called X-Men.

On a side note, NBC: The Incredibles did the same thing... but it was incredible. And Disney bought Marvel, so watch out.