New vinyl, CD and DVD Releases, June 9


Anti-Flag - People Or The Gun LP+MP3

Their seventh full-length takes aim at those who use the bible to control the masses.

Avenged Sevenfold

  • Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
  • Waking The Fallen

Limited edition (1000) specially-colored vinyl versions of these classic two albums.

Coalesce - Ox LP+MP3

Coalesce encapsulates over a decade of forward-thinking hardcore that typifies the trend-eschewing band and proves they still have much to say. Just the right touch of bombast and contrast to make the seething aggression all the more engaging.

Dredg - The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion

"Veering between ominous dirges and wide-eyed big sky anthems, they play massive art metal that's been treated to multi-layered, intricate production in the vein of Radiohead and Pink Floyd; and for a band that can smash and roil like waves against Pacific beaches, they frequently take the subtler road, softening themselves with atmosphere and world music flourishes." — Pitchfork

Holly Golightly

  • Down Gina’s At 3
  • Painted On
  • Up The Empire

Her Sympathy label back-catalog — re-issued via Damaged Goods.

Guided By Voices - Alien Lanes LP+MP3

Their critically-acclaimed Matador debut and best-selling album is back in print on vinyl for the first time since 1999. HQ-180 virgin vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

The Kills - Keep On Your Mean Side

Vinyl re-issue of The Kills’ 2003 debut.

Pelican - Ephemeral 12”

Over three songs and 20 minutes, the vinyl-only Ephemeral introduces a heavier, darker, more riff-based Pelican for 2009. Includes a cover of Earth’s "Geometry Of Murder" with Dylan Carlson on guitar.

Cake - Motorcade Of Gernerosity LP+MP3

Jarvis Cocker - Further Complication

The Horrors - Primary Colours