Hundreds come out in St. Pete for oil spill forum, pundits react sourly to Obama address, and Senators not happy about developments in Afghanistan:Mitch Perry Report 6.16.10

There were either 950 (according to the St. Pete Times) or 850 people (Tampa Tribune's count) at last night's three hour forum on the oil spill in St. Peterburg's Palladium Theatre.

CL Contributor Heidi Lux was blogging the event live.  She will have a complete report up later today, but here's a partial account of what was being said last night.

We caught some of the immediate cable commentary on President Obama's address last night, and we were not impressed.

And General David Petraeus passed out yesterday before addressing the Senate Armed Services Committee.  The recent news from Afghanistan is certainly enough to give anybody pause.


the report here.