Les Miller believes the government can help reduce gun violence

  • Les Miller

In January, the Hillsborough County Commission approved a task force to address how to prevent gun violence in the county. The committee is composed of law enforcement officials, educators, and mental health and medical professionals. It was a measure pushed by County Commissioner Kevin Beckner, who wasn't successful in getting his colleagues to support spending money for a gun buyback program — an initiative that many local communities (including Tampa and the Hillsborough Sheriff's department) have conducted over the years.

Among those who didn't support the gun buyback plan was Commissioner Les Milller, which surprised some observers because he was never reluctant to support or file gun-control legislation in the many years he served in the Legislature in Tallahassee.

Back in January, Miller said (and repeated back to CL today) that while such a program sounds good and will get some guns off the street, he thinks its appeal is limited.