AC/DC's dirty deed with Wal-Mart

I've taken much shit over the years for being a dedicated fan of dirt rock kings AC/DC. Yeah, the band hasn't made a great record since Back in Black and, yeah, Sarasota resident Brian Johnson (my drinking pal a few years back at the Sarasota Blues Festival) did kinda ape the late great Bon Scott's trademark howl.

But AC/DC can still bring it live and I was totally excited about their new album ... until I read on that they pulled an Eagles, opting to release the new disc exclusively through Wal-Mart, a store I refuse to patronize for various reasons.

Brian, please tell me this decision, which completely undermines the gloriously reckless, rock and roll spirit of AC/DC, was made by the Young brothers, and that you fought like hell trying to talk them out of it.