Ten dragons to celebrate the Chinese new year

It's the Year of the Dragon. In honor of this month's Chinese new year celebrations, here's a list of cool dragon stuff.

Happy lunar new year! If you skipped the festivities in Beijing this week (or you totally ignored that paper placemat at your local Chinese restaurant), maybe you missed the good news. We’ve transitioned from the Year of the Rabbit (yawn) to the epically mythical and badass Year of the Dragon. Need evidence that it’s going to be a good year? Consider the accomplishments of the last Year of the Dragon, back in 2000: scientists mapping the human genome, astronauts opening the International Space Station — Richard Hatch winning the first season of Survivor. And, the Y2K bug didn’t turn ATM machines into flesh eating kill-bots! So in honor of the next twelve sure-to-be-awesome months, here’s a list of cool dragon stuff, put together in no particular order.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: It doesn’t matter if you’re talking the first novel in Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium Trilogy”, the Swedish film adaptation, or the recently released American film by David Fincher, Tattoo is a worldwide phenomenon for good reason. Aside from being a dark, twisted and smart thriller, Larsson created the most compelling and original character in years with Lisbeth Salander, the tatted-up and pierced super hacker anti-heroine with Asperger’s, who proves she’s definitely not to be screwed-around with. Also, he managed to create a male protagonist who’s both a financial magazine writer, and an irresistible ladies man — no small feat in itself.

This guy with a dragon tattoo: The muffin top says “I love McDonalds,” but that hardcore back tattoo says “I’m a Yakuza hitman, and I will cut your pinkie off with a samurai sword.

Dragon’s blood: Three ounces of vodka, four ounces of cinnamon liqueur, three ounces club soda. Makes six shots. Tastes like Red Hots that get you drunk.

Bruce Lee punching a guy right in the beard in Enter The Dragon: Nothing like a slow, dramatic buildup to the world’s fastest punch in the head. (Check it out after the jump.)