My First Election

Turning eighteen can mean: college, moving out, and the ability to buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. When I turned 18, I was most excited about registering for the upcoming presidential election. It took me a while after my birthday to find the time, but I finally registered to vote two weeks ago at a voter-registration drive on SPC’s Tarpon Springs Campus.

This week, I signed myself up on mybarackobama, and submitted an application to assist where needed in the upcoming months. I support Obama because I believe in a woman’s right to choose, marriage for everyone and because I’m terrified of Sarah Palin (not to mention the fact my mother told me she’d disown me if I voted for McCain...I’m a fan of free food and housing).

Since then, I have received as many as three emails per day asking me to pass things on to my friends, get the word out, etc. Since I'm a first-time voter, I'm paying very close attention to this election. I'll be posting to the Daily Loaf blog with my reactions and ideas throughout this process. But I do have some questions: Any advice for a first time voter?