Movie review: Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost

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The summer movie season is never one for originality, as Hollywood puts forth mostly known properties with built-in fan interest. This summer has already seen re-boots of X-Men and Star Trek, a fourth Terminator sequel and a second shot of Night at the Museum — and that's just May. In the weeks to come, expect sequels (Transformers, Harry Potter, Halloween, etc.), remakes (Taking of Pelham 123), and even more re-boots.

Which brings me to Land of the Lost. Originally created by puppet-masters Sid & Marty Krofft back in their 1970s heyday, Land of the Lost (L.O.T.L.) followed the adventures of dimension-hopping scientist Rick Marshall and his two kids, Will and Holly. While on a camping trip, the trio was swept over a waterfall and through a dimensional portal to a strange new world, parallel to earth but containing artifacts of the planet's past and future. Will and the kids were chased by dinosaurs, befriended by a weird monkey-thing named Cha-Ka and had dealings with lizard men known as Sleestaks, all in an attempt to find their way home. Sadly, cast shake-ups and cancellation came first.