The Green Community week in review: Arsenic in poultry, local green gift guide, vermicomposting and more

What’s the buzz on the latest issues in the Green Community? Check out what you may have missed last week:

Undercover investigation of Publix egg supplier reveals 'animal abuse and food safety threats' - The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has reportedly witnessed food safety issues and abuse of caged chickens after a recent undercover investigation of Publix's main egg supplier.

EarthTalk: Environmental links to prostate cancer - Prostate cancer occurs about 60 percent more often in African American men than in white American men, although rates for African men living in their native countries are much lower. When native Africans immigrate to the U.S., prostate cancer rates increase sharply, suggesting an environmental connection related to high-fat diets. The take-away for men concerned about prostate health? Eat healthier.

Kathy Castor introduces new legislation to ensure that BP pays for Gulf restoration - Overton said that in lieu of receiving any compensation, he's had to make up for the loss of revenue by reducing all his employees' paychecks by 6.5% since the repercussions of the spill began affecting bookings in the spring. There's also the fact that the "brand in Florida has been significantly damaged," Overton said, referring to the tourism industry overall.

A local, green gift giving guide for your holiday list - Here are some great eco-friendly gift ideas that come from local businesses right here in Tampa Bay.