Tonight's Top Chef D.C. episode preview: Wine pairings, space food and Anthony Bourdain returns

This is it, the episode of Top Chef: D.C. that will determine which chef'testants go on to part one of the finale in Singapore.

For their last high stakes Quickfire Challenge, it looks like the chefs must choose a wine (locally sourced, I'm assuming) and then create a dish to pair with it. This is actually one of my favorite recycled Quickfires because I think it's essential for chefs to have at least a basic knowledge of wines and how to pair them with their food.

Like the pie challenge, I'm hoping that Angelo doesn't have much experience in this area. (But that's just wishful thinking.)

I have high hopes for the Elimination Challenge this week because Buzz freakin' Aldrin and culinary badass Anthony Bourdain are going to be the guest judges and the contestants get to cook space food at NASA! Well, maybe not space food per se, but the chefs are charged with creating a dish that can be dehydrated and served as a meal for astronauts. Darn, I was hoping to see some gourmet monstrosities creations in dehydrated form. I guess I'll just have to settle for Buzz Aldrin.

Is it wrong to say that I'm slightly excited to see Bourdain tear the chefs a new one (in a culinary sense)?

Alright, Top Chef fans, who are your picks for the finale trifecta? Share your comments below!

Check out the preview videos below.