Ex wife new life: unpacking kid-baggage on the first date

Midlife dating is different than "dating" in our 20s. Back then I did not need such accessories as long sleeved Spanx. Nor did I break a sweat trying to cram my ass into skinny jeans while battling through a hot flash. These are big changes for sure, but the biggest change midlifers face when it comes to dating can be summed up in one word: children.

When it comes to dating, children do not always present new challenges. One great thing about dating as a parent is that children open up new avenues of conversation. Talking about your kids can keep an awkward date moving until you can finally bow out graciously by saying something like, "I would love to hear more about your son's National Honor Society induction, but unfortunately I have to go home and walk my cat."

Take my date with Dr. G. for instance. Dr. G was my first real date after my divorce — real in the sense that he actually showed up. True, he was not quite what I expected. The Dr. G I saw online was about 50, had blonde hair and was wearing a Polo shirt — a flaw I excused because, well, did I mention he was a fucking doctor!