Conservative protesters say "Down with the IRS" and "Fire Obama"

  • Douglas Coggeshall, one of the last supporters to leave the Anti-IRS rally.

The corrupt attacks and denials follow “a pattern like Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, and even Watergate. The Obama administration is as corrupt as it can be and we won’t stand for this.” Douglas Coggeshall, engineer and history buff, believes that history is repeating itself once again and he plans to stand up against the cycle.

On Tuesday, Tea Party Nation demanded attention from the American people as they stood up and rallied against what they said were attacks on conservative Americans, following reports that the Internal Revenue Service excessively scrutinized their groups seeking tax-exempt status going back to 2010. Local participants gathered on the sidewalk out front of the Columbus Ave IRS building in Tampa to join the movement.

These individuals and conservative organization members came out to support the Tea Party movement with American Flags, yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, several “Fire Obama” signs, and numerous anti-IRS signs demanding for liberty and freedom from the unconstitutional taxes and scrutiny.

Approximately 120 protesters came out in full force against the IRS and even the President. The majority of the individuals wanted to show their support of the cause and their disapproval of the IRS’s behavior.

The Tea Party Patriots’ website made note of the various stages of the IRS scandal. They claimed that, as early as February 2010, the IRS agents began targeting organizations with the words “tea party” and “patriot” in the name. The site continues to reference occasions where the IRS denies the allegations of the scandal.