Mitch Perry Report 4.9.12: Rays sweep, Ozzie Guillen makes a big mistake in Miami

It was quite a weekend in St. Petersburg, where the Tampa Bay Rays got off to a dynamic start, sweeping the big, bad New York Yankees. Not only are the Yanks 0-3, but other expected contenders Boston, Atlanta and (gulp) the San Francisco Giants are as well, whose $112 million pitcher, Matt Cain, blew a 6-0 lead in Phoenix last night.

But the hot baseball/political news this morning is in Miami, where their new manager, Ozzie Guillen, has alienated a segment of the fan base that ownership there is trying to cultivate. That would be Cuban-Americans, some of whom are angered after the talkative Guillen told Time magazine last week that he "loved (Fidel) Castro." Uh-oh.

Staying with sports for a moment, we caught lots of the Boston College/Ferris State NCAA Hockey championship Saturday night from the Times Forum in Tampa — proving that you can play exciting hockey without the ridiculous amounts of sanctioned fighting that goes on in the NHL.

The world of U.S. journalism is observing the remarkable career of former CBS newsman Mike Wallace, who passed away this weekend. We put something up on the site within a half hour of hearing the news Sunday morning, as the 60 Minutes reporter was always an icon to look up to, especially because he kept doing good work until his mid 80s.

And is there actually still a GOP race for president? Not really, as Newt Gingrich admitted yesterday on Fox News Sunday.