AMC's Mad Men announces season premiere

Finally! After much mystery, the much-adored AMC series Mad Men has announced the date of its third-season premiere: Sunday August 16 at 10 p.m. Was the delay in setting a premiere date something to do with this controversy, which may wreak havoc with your DVR? Or was it manufactured to work up anticipation among fans? Whatever. I'm a fan, and I can't wait. But please, do not tell me what happened in the final episode of the second season. I didn't DVR it, the show disappeared from HD On Demand before I could catch it, and I have succesfully skipped over all mentions of the finale in print and online. (Though I think I heard there was a divorce. Or was it a baby?) For diehards like myself, AMC will run the obligatory pre-premiere marathon recap of the previous season starting at 7 a.m. (!) Sunday Aug. 9 Monday Aug. 10. (Thanks to the St. Pete Time's Eric Deggans for alerting me to my error. No thanks to AMC's publicist for the confusing, that is to say wrong, information in her press release.)

There's been discussion amongst the Mad Men faithful at CL of having an ongoing podcast à la our popular Lost-cast. Let me know if you'd listen. Who knows? Maybe I can get everyone riled up again with a controversial statement.