Dissecting Dexter: Season 5, episode 7 "Circle Us"

You know who I don't miss?


The poor, deceased thing. Dexter has unloaded such a complicated and character-heavy plot this season that it's hard to dwell too much on Dexter's past if you want to get on board with where he is now. And where he is now is far more exciting than a lot of his family issues last season turned out to be. I did have a "Where the hell are Astor and Cody?" moment on Sunday night, but overall their presence (or lack thereof) wasn't doing as much good for the show as Lumen and her storyline are in season 5.

The first surprise of the night is that Lumen is living in Dexter and Rita's old house. Okay, maybe "surprising" isn't the word. Maybe I mean "weird." I did love how Dexter acknowledges its weirdness within minutes of the episode's start. The two of them are rather endearing together; connected in this odd, unique way that is always surprising to watch because there's really no other example of it on television (at least not that I know of). And the supporting characters are becoming more and more interesting. So far, the show hasn't gone wrong with shots of adorable baby Harrison or wacky lines delivered by Quinn.