Piano festival hits a high note for USF recital hall

The first ever Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival will be held in the Barness Recital Hall, and everyone's invited.

“I think when you devote yourself whole-heartedly to a piece, it lives inside of you all the way up until the concert,” Rebecca Penneys said. “You’re on a journey with that piece.”

As a practiced pianist, myself, for the past… I don’t know, 13 years or so, I inevitably understand what Penneys means.

When there's a gig coming up, those melodies are temporarily ingrained in your mind until you can unleash them into the world using your own interpretation.

Even if you’re not the one behind the piano, but rather an audience member, you can feel the emotion and power that’s going into every keystroke — it’s an incredible and inspiring thing to witness.

Well, Penneys invites us to do just that; to bear witness to a journey. One in which she tests the limits of various musicians that, according to her, are the best of the best.