Comments on continued to swirl around Occupy Tampa, including some, like the message below, that were not attuned with the cause. Twitter liked Scott Harrell's take on the New Global Economy, and on Facebook, posts on Herman Cain and kinky sex drew some impassioned responses, including an exchange between Sex & Love Editor Shawn Alff and reader Christine Rogers.

Re Cristin Cotton's Oct. 9 post, "A flash mob occupies Downtown Tampa." Your a spoiled idiot that needs a real job. Maybe digging ditches for the cable company - oh you would have to get your hands dirty and earn money. perhaps if these people had paid attention at the college and getting prepared for a career and not just having a good time and taking any degree they would be better off. But most of them are young enough they could still train to be plumbers, welders, electricians, truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, etc Also, no they waste their lives with the media like you that glorifies their pathetic lives they created. Blaming a faceless, headless monster called wall street. Not rich here but work hard for a living. Pay cash for everything you 'own' by saving and maybe you could too enjoy a nice life in this country.

Re Scott Harrell's Life As We Blow It column, "Your future, adjusted," Oct. 6. rmhines (on Twitter): Thought this was hilarious... "Society as we know it... over."

Re Facebook link to Mitch Perry's post, "Pundits, pols weigh in on Occupy Wall Street movement: Herman Cain declares it's un-American to demonstrate against Wall Street bankers," Oct. 3.

Ron Regan: Apparently, Mr Cain didnt lose any money in the stock market crashes.

Chuck Majewski: From what he has written in his autobiography, PROTEST isn't part of his character, he'd rather sit in the back of the bus and obey.

Re Facebook link to CL Sex & Love Editor Shawn Alff's post, "15 fetishes you didn't know existed from The Book of Kink," Oct. 4. The post began thusly: "Trying to understand another person's fetish is as psychologically confusing as a man attempting to masturbate while reading a romance novel or a woman trying to watch gangbang porn for the passionate connection between characters."

Christine Rogers: Didn't even open to read more dribble. Where's the news, entertainment for Tampa?. Who cares..change writers. Be MORE CREATIVE!!!!

Yasmin TheMachine: completely ridiculous and sensationalist way to present fetishists... ethical kink is safe, sane, and consensual — period. this article was irresponsible, and sensationalist, and not what i had expected from you guys. that's a bummer man.

Kevin Mc Murray: Def don't hv any of these goin on

Creative Loafing Tampa (Shawn's reply): I definitely agree with a lot of what you're saying Christine and Yasmin...As a straight, married man, my experience and knowledge of the less vanilla realms of sex and love is limited to what I read from others, like the author of a book on kink or a professional sex worker or a sexologist or a new study on sex/attraction. I could blog endlessly about my particular marriage, but unfortunately few people want to read about this. Then there is the challenge of deciding what exactly is newsworthy. How does one go about covering the sex & love scene in a city, or even the world of sex entertainment, without being redundant or sensational or angering readers who do not share the same sexual interests? Anyways, you both seem to be well informed and have your own unique perspectives on sex. Feel free to email me if you would ever be interested in writing about the subject. [email protected]

Christine Rogers: Thanks for the time to express where you are coming from, Shawn. I did not know this is an area you tend to focus on in your writing, or at least one of the areas for CL. It can be a challenging subject. I'm sure CL knows the demographics/etc of the individuals who read your paper and you try to write for them. In this "reality TV" based, Paris Hilton, Jersey Shore life style it is certainly more "in your face" type of sexual image. Unfortunately, I think many young men & women only see that provocative type of sexual image as the real life and not aware it is staged and meant to provoke, like your article. I just get tired of subjects whether they be sex or others topics that appear brainless & worthless to read. I normally don't comment on posts too often but the "dong" article was irritating to me, that's all. The discuss of sex if done in an informative, helpful & truly caring manner can help many people and enlighten them. Continue to write. You appear to be a person open to listening to divergent opinions. Good luck:)