Bill McCollum wants to ban gays from being foster parents, Jeff Greene's got more problems, and as the world endures record heat and floods, climate change legislation is further away than ever: Mitch Perry Report 8.10.10

Bill McCollum is now in the home stretch of his campaign.  In Temple Terrace yesterday, CL asked him about comments he made to a religious website about gays not being able to become foster parents, though that's the current law.  Read his response.

Speaking of going to the right, we couldn't help but realize today how Jeb Bush - present with McCollum yesterday, is still be shiniest constellation in the Florida GOP, yet he has a much different attitude about one of the hottest issues in the GOP gubernatorial primary - illegal immigration.

We covered Orlando anti-tax crusader Doug Guetzloe coming to Tampa yesterday to announce his group's campaign to kill the transit tax referendum this November, though their first ad is all about killing Mark Sharpe's re-election bid for Hillsborough County Commissioner.

Forbes has a new article about Jeff Greene out, and it's not flattering.

And are you observing what radical weather is doing to the rest of the world this summer?  Makes it all the worse that the U.S. Senate couldn't produce a climate change bill this year.


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