Mitch Perry 6.27.12 - Buzzfeed confirms CL report that Fox News will be at Tampa History Center for RNC

The New York City based website Buzzfeed breathlessly reported yesterday afternoon that they had learned that Fox News will be renting out the Tampa Bay History Center for the duration of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Regular readers of this blog might note that we reported last November that was going to be the case.

We wrote at the time that "We generally refrain from reporting on stories without full confirmation - but we here at CL hear that the prospective tenant is Fox News..."

You're welcome, America.

Did you know that with domestic partnership registeries being all the rage in the Bay area, there are some activists trying to have Hillsborough County follow Tampa, St. Pete, Gulfport and Clearwater on this issue? One Hillsborough Commissioner - Victor Crist - told a Tea Party crowd in Tampa last night that he doesn't support that happening in his county government (link to come).

The official "Free-Speech Zone" for protesters at this August's RNC in Tampa was announced yesterday. There will actually be two such zones, and an official parade route.

One of the more interesting local races on August 14's ballot for Hillsborough County Republicans is the Senate race between Tom Lee and Rachel Burgin for Ronda Storms former seat. Yesterday Burgin announced the bills that she would introduce if elected, including a reprise of Storms' "Leave No Twinkie Behind Act."