smores n cigs


We had to do the Smores. Decided against the microwave. Though it might have been fun to explode marshmallows over, say, Angela's car, we doubted it would go over well in the employee kitchen. But nice culinary surprise - marshmallows and graham crackers toast up real good in a toaster oven. Top with Hershey's and another cracker - and serve to the 'campers' - who by now are all out doing what they do every day anyway: smoking outside. OUTSIDE! This is an indoor camp-out people! Scoutmaster Wayne has given up trying to discipline. Hard to tell whether we'll ever get to the Dirtiest Boy Scout Joke Ever segment of the evening, let along the readings from CL Undressed employee fantasies....
But at least the disco ball and Beach Boys tunes are soothing. (Along with the Deliverance tape, also always bring a disco ball to your campouts, or ins.)