LeMieux says Obama needs to be hanging in the Gulf longer; John Kerry says his climate change bill is required more than ever in the aftermath of the spill, and Time mag looks at why Kendrick Meek doesn't get any respect: Mitch Perry Report 6.7.10

As the first real tar balls from the oil gusher hit Florida beaches late last week, the Sunshine State is now becoming part of the national nightmare in terms of news coverage, and both Governor Crist and Senator Nelson went on national TV yesterday to decry what's happening, while at the same time trying to put on a happy face and say the state's beaches are still very open for business;

Time magazine looked at Kendrick Meek's campaign the other day;

And John Kerry made the case yesterday on why more than ever, his climate change legislation in the Senate needs to be introduced on the floor and voted on;


the report here.