Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe

If you have one sure thing in your baked goods recipe arsenal, it should be this cookie. It really will never let you down, take too much of your time, or leave you less than pleased if you follow a few sound baking basics. The best part, other than eating them fresh from the oven with a tall glass of cold milk, is the quick simplicity of the preparation.

Start with butter that is nearly room temperature and be sure to whip the first four ingredients well into fluffy. This will give the cookie a light and flaky texture when folded into the sifted flour. Plus, the ratio of brown to white sugar keeps it chewy far beyond the cooling process as long as they are not over-baked. Bear in mind that they are meant to be big, so don’t be shy about using a large scoop and limiting them to eight or less per baking sheet. 

Here's the recipe: