The Green Community week in review: Deep-water drilling moratorium, climate change science, green your Halloween and more

What’s the buzz on the latest issues in the Green Community? Check out what you may have missed last week:

Pixie Gas, the "green gas company", is spreading the word on the benefits of liquefied petroleum gas - Pixie Gas makes conversion kits for vehicles that can be installed on cars, trucks and tractors so that you can run on LPG. You can even have an LPG pumping station at your home so that you will always be able to fuel your vehicle. They will train you so that you are comfortable with the process and help you with any tax forms that you qualify for.

Raw milk vs the FDA: Stephen Colbert investigates the unpasteurized milk debate (video) - Should the government tell individuals what they can and cannot consume? If people are knowingly eating things that could be harmful to them, isn't it their choice?

DIY Halloween: Create ghoulish wreaths from inexpensive and found items - Forget shelling out big bucks for Halloween decorations — get crafty and make your own!

EarthTalk: Turning dog poop into energy - In anaerobic digester systems, microbes generate methane gas—which can be captured and used for power—once they are set free on manure or trash.