Equal Time?

Anyone else notice the ad in Sunday's St. Petersburg Times from Ron Sanders, pastor of Largo's Lighthouse Baptist Church? Don't know how you could have missed it, especially if you were reading the coverage of the St. Pete Pride parade. In the Tampa edition, the ad ran on the story's jump page; in St. Pete, directly across from it. The good reverend suggested in his missive that God sent Katrina to New Orleans to punish the city's tolerance for gays, and that St. Pete is in for a similar disaster. Further, he suggested that gays are courting destruction: "There will come a day when they will answer to God for this... PAYDAY, SOMEDAY!" I have to assume that, if the Klan were to submit a racist threat to run on the same page as coverage of the next MLK parade, the Times would reject the submission. So can someone explain why this ad is any more acceptable?