Sh*t happened 6/28/16: Rays win one, Brandon loses booms, World of Beer in world of hurt

Still too tired from the weekend to craft a compelling intro. Let's just hit it head on, shall we?

The Rays broke their 11-game losing streak by clobbering the Red Sox 13-7, inspiring us to do that thing where we're noticing, but pretending not to notice — we're just reading the paper all nonchalantly at the breakfast table all like, "oh, really?" but our pulse jumped up a couple of BPMs.

Westfield Brandon mall will not be holding its fireworks extravaganza this year, breaking a 12-year tradition. We expect the bored suburban kids whose parents have dragged them to the display since toddlerhood will go all The Purge by about 8:47, so lock it down, people.

Downtown St. Pete craft beer bar/place to be seen not knowing you shouldn't still be wearing the shit you wore in college World of Beer might re-open, or might not, but it's closed right now, and dudes who think the bill of a baseball cap is designed to keep the back of one's neck shady are super-bummed.

And finally, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas' uber-obstructionist and obviously unconstitutional anti-abortion law, and ruled that domestic abusers convicted of misdemeanors can be barred from gun ownership. Um ... thanks, Brexit?