Album Review: The National, Trouble Will Find Me

Twelve years into their recording career, The National has found their wheelhouse. Early efforts from the Cincinnati-bred, Brooklyn-based quintet hinted at an unhinged side to the typically staid band. Their latest full-length Trouble Will Find Me (4AD) offers no such suggestion of danger, instead falling into place as the latest amid a string of three-piece-suit-wearing wine-drunk indie rock records that began with 2008’s Boxer. “This Is the Last Time” elucidates the mild distinction between Trouble Will Find Me and immediate predecessor, 2010’s High Violet, allowing syrupy string arrangements and a typically serpentine song structure to prop up a less than memorable Berninger lyric. Trouble Will Find Me largely finds The National in a more meandering songwriting mode than their handful of albums that sound similar, but even a less focused effort from this band manages to be a quality one, mopping the floor with the scores of other similarly-minded records that are out right now.