A celebration of baseball, a celebration of life

Just fewer than 40,000 people came to Tropicana Field Friday night to celebrate baseball, but for a handful of Rays fans the night had a deeper meaning behind it, as they gathered together to celebrate the life of one of the biggest Rays fans ever. The late Donna Salvatore was such a fan that when she wasn’t watching Rays baseball, she was on

The Internet has changed the world in ways people never could have imagined when they first fired up the old dial-up and tried to figure out what to do with this whole new mass of information and wave of communication.  Suddenly, you could speak to people with whom you never would have connected before, and no matter what you were into, there was a community of people with the same interest just waiting to talk to you about it. For many Rays fans The Rays Republic is just that community, and they demonstrated Friday night just how strong and tightly knit that community is.