First Monday in October, more U.S. troops dead in Afghanistan and the end of the Bobby Bowden era?

Today the U.S. Supreme Court officially begins its new session, with Latina Justice Sonia Sotomayor bringing her perspective to the bench, succeeding David Souter.

USA Today reports that former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor said over the weekend that she regretted that some of her decisions "are being dismantled" by the current Court, led by John Roberts.

When asked how she reacted to having some of her rulings "undone," the first female Justice ever named to the High Court responded, "How would you feel?  I'd be a little bit disappointed."

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Meanwhile, with concerns escalating that offshore drilling could be coming to Florida, there will be a debate in Tallahassee later this month on the matter.

This comes after nearly 20 local governments and chambers of commerce have gone on the record in recent weeks proposing resolutions to oppose any move by Congress or the state Legislature to promote offshore drilling in Florida (Sierra Club member Phil Compton proposed that the Tampa City Council follow suit last week, and the Council is working on such a resolution).