Jessica Ehrlich on Bill Young, a woman's right to choose and when (or if) the U.S. should go to war for humanitarian reasons

Last Thursday night District-13 Democratic Congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich spoke on a variety of subjects in our a conversation moderated by this reporter at [email protected] in St. Petersburg.

The event organizers say they invited Bill Young to attend, but he did not make an appearance.

As being a part of the event, I won't try to characterize the evening other than to give you direct quotes from the candidate on some of the questions yours truly posed.

On Congressman Young: "He's really sort of changed. We've seen him now being dismissive and demeaning to constituents, this is not the same person. And I think the real issue for voters is not who has been our Congressman for the past 42 years, but what is our future going to be, and who is going to be our next Congress woman."