Ginny Brown-Waite responds to critics of her last hour announcement that she will not run for re-election

Brooksville area GOP Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite has responded to the criticism that has rained down on her in the wake of her stunning last hour announcement Friday that she would not run for re-election in Florida's 5th Congressional District seat.

Citing health concerns, Brown-Waite announced on the day all candidates must declare their candidacy that she would not run again.  But the only person she told who might have a desire for the seat was Hernando County Sherriff Richard Nugent, who then filed the $10,440 fee just minutes before the noon deadline, angering other well known Republicans who had their eyes on the seat.

One is Nancy Argenziano, a former state senator from the area who currently is the chair of the Florida Public Service Commission.  Argenziano told the Orlando Sentinel that she and other Republicans, like state senator Mike Fasano, were advised not to run against incumbents "unless it's entirely necessary out of respect and ethics." More from the Sentinel:

Argenziano said Brown-Waite's actions – which she called a "scheme" – are a sign of the GOP changing for the worse.

"It was insidiously designed," she said. "I think people can see through that."