Top Chef D.C. Podcast, Ep. 2: Feed the children

This week on Top Chef, sixteen chefs remain — and I still can't remember all of their names. (Maybe because half of them aren't that memorable and my gut instinct tells me they'll probably be sent home in a few weeks anyway.)

This week's guest judge was Sam Kass, assistant chef at the White House. He helped Padma judge the Quickfire Challenge where the chefs had to make sandwiches ("bi-partisandwiches" to be exact) while tied to one another, each chef only using one hand. Unfortunately Fortunately, no one was cut or seriously harmed by their partners. And, of course, Golden Boy Angelo (a.k.a.: Cristiano Ronaldo/Pele/Alejandro) came out on top again for this challenge, granting him immunity in the Elimination Challenge.

Sam Kass then charged the chefs with their next task: to cook a healthy lunch for 50 school children on a budget of about $2.60 per kid. This challenge really showed the people who knew how to make healthy, kid-friendly food that could please the judges and those who knew how to work on a budget. Anyone who didn't fall into either one of those categories were on the chopping block and rightfully so.

Thankfully, another annoying person was kicked off. We've got about 11 of them (chef'testants who grate on my nerves and/or ears) left to be chopped, so I foresee this being a long season.

Want to know what happened? Well, then you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out.

Whether you watch the show or not, our review of it is top-notch snark and an all-around good time. Listen to us (attempt to) recap this episode and the hilarity that ensues.

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