Stop throwing out your coffee grounds and give them back to the Earth

If you're a coffee addict like me, you probably go through a good amount of coffee grounds each month. Once you've steeped the hell out of them for your caffeine fix you throw them away, thinking they've done their job and are no longer of use to you. They'd make a weak second brew, so why keep them, right? Well, think again before chucking used coffee grounds into the rubbish bin — there are some great ways to reuse them, giving back to the Earth in the same turn.

Coffee beans have a very high nitrogen content, the grounds are great for compost bins and planters — the nitrogen breaks down slowly in the soil, giving an ongoing supply to plants.

Shane Genziuk of Victoria, Australia, has come up with a way to rescue and reuse used coffee grounds, giving them second life as a compost additive and food for soil. He started a program called Ground for Ground which gets local cafes to save their grounds and donate them to his organization. They then give the grounds to people so they can use them in their gardens and compost bins. Genziuk has collected about 1,900 pounds of coffee grounds since this past March.