Merchandise team up with Dum Dum Girls for sultry new single, “Red Sun”

Tampa boys team up with Sub Pop queen for track recorded in Tampa, Berlin, and NYC over the summer.

It was already intriguing watching Merchandise frontman Carson Cox wriggle and writhe around onstage, but the Tampa-based songwriter’s new collaboration with Los Angeles’ Dum Dum Girls is just straight up sexy.

The three-minute track — “Red Sun” — was conceived in Tampa and then recorded over the summer between stops in Berlin, New York City, and home. It’s all kinds of dark (something you might hear in The Castle at 2 a.m. before considering touching yourself), but it also bridges the gap between the Girls’ usually poppy approach to things and Merchandise’s brooding, pulsating, thinking man’s rock.

You can hear it below, and grab a digital copy of it It’s one side of a new digital copy of it here. Pre-orders of the 7-inch (pressed on clear purple vinyl) are happening now via SubPop.

As soon as the internet gives us the b-side, we’ll post it here.