On the Sauce: White Wine and Peach Sangria

Everything you want in a sangria and a summer drink: crisp, refreshing and delicious.

I recently took in one of Tampa Bay’s beautiful sunsets on a rooftop last Saturday, and what made the view a little extra special was this particular establishment’s Sundown Sangria, which was of the oh-so-refreshing red variety.

Florida’s charm delivered, the drink delivered — and now I’m on a sangria kick.

When I go to the grocery store to find inspiration for a new drink, the first thing I look for is what’s in season. This will always make for a better cocktail. So, peaches for our white sangria it is!

As I’ve stated in previous columns, I don’t like overly sweet drinks. That’s why I went with a dry wine — pinot grigio — for this recipe. Another option is a sauvignon blanc, but anything dry and inexpensive will work. Many sangria’s are also topped off with tonic or lemon-lime soda for some effervescence. Our rendition’s fizz comes from a complementary pineapple-peach kombucha made by Kevita, which I found at Publix.

This week’s cocktail encompasses everything you want in a sangria and a summer beverage: crisp, refreshing and delicious. The bonus is getting to munch on juicy, wine-soaked peaches while you sip. Let the outdoors provide the setting and have yourself a damn fine evening.

White Wine and Peach Sangria

Makes 1 pitcher

1 bottle pineapple-peach kombucha

1 peach, cut into wedges

1 orange, sliced

1 pint blueberries

1 750-milliliter bottle dry white wine

4-6 ounces orange rum, depending on how strong you want it (I used Cruzan)

In a large pitcher, add peach wedges, orange slices and blueberries (reserve a bit of each for later). Pour in wine and orange rum. Stir without damaging the fruit. Add ice, an orange slice and some blueberries to a wine glass, then pour in sangria until about two-thirds full. Top with kombucha and garnish with a peach wedge.

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