Debating the American automakers bailout

"We could always draft all the auto-workers. That would ease the burden on all our future wars." —Poster "JoeBlough" commenting on the Huffington Post's Nov. 16 story, "Top Republican Senators Oppose Automaker Bailout"

"GOP is cheering for the UAW's demise." —manitoumackinac

"After the failure, new automakers will come in with a clean balance sheet and no outrageous union wages and benefits." —mauibob

"Japan would never let any of its auto companies fail." —Gorlock

"What about 'Joe the autoworker'?" —TheThumb

"Shouldn't Detroit have to prove they have the potential to make a profitable product before they get this kind of venture capital?" —shamaniceconomist

"I think we've all deduced by now that if the Republicans oppose something, then supporting it is the decent and/or intelligent thing to do." —shengirl

Source: huffingtonpost