Bully who outed Duke porn star has his porn preferences publicized

The Duke Freshman who snitched on Belle Knox allegedly has a subscription to FacialAbuse.com

Thomas Bagley, the Duke University student who outed classmate Belle Knox for performing in porn to pay tuition, is receiving a taste of what it feels like to be bullied online. An open letter from porn distributor Mike Kulich announced that Bagley has a subscription to the hardcore porn site, FacialAbuse.com.

Kulich, the rabble-rousing CEO of Monarchy Distribution, has a flair for exploiting current events for their marketing potential. (He recently offered Amanda Knox $20,000 to star in a porno.) This time, however, Kulich is using his talents to point out the glaring hypocrisy at the heart of the sex scandal—as well as to help promote his company. Bagley outed Belle for being a porn performer when he was such a fan of porn that he recognized Belle from her work. This raises the question: Why is it okay for a male student to be a fan of porn while it's shameful for a female student to perform in porn? Knox discussed the same discrepancy in an essay she penned for XOJane.com on Tuesday.

Kulich took his public criticism of Bagley a step further, offering the freshman $10,000 to perform in a Facial Abuse scene with the actress of his choice. Kulich even offered Bagley $1,000 for every inch that his dick exceeded four inches.

Below is Kulich's letter in full:

Dear Mr. Bagley,

First off, I would like to thank you for being such a fan of our business. For someone who subscribes to a site like Facial Abuse I want to commend you for spending the $200 a week your parents send you every week for living expenses wisely. Facial Abuse is a great site! There is nothing like watching a new girl getting a huge cock viciously rammed down her throat. I like your taste!

I want to also commend you on getting accepted into Duke. Great school! I am sure your parents are proud. I bet you pull straight A's when you're not whacking it to Facial Abuse and Casting Couch movies. I love our fans and I love you! You are the type of guy that makes our business move.

With that I would like to make you an offer. As I sit here in my office at 6:30 on a Wednesday night I am writing a check for $10,000 to pay to the order of Thomas Bagley. I want to give you the opportunity to live out all your fantasies. In addition to that 10K, there is a plane ticket and hotel room with your name on it out here in sunny Los Angeles. Screw the polar vortex. Get your ass out and come shoot for us! I will give you the opportunity to bang ANY porn star you want. We will make you a celebrity because it is apparent how much you love porn and attention.

10 Grand is a lot of money for a kid like you. Do you know how many porn memberships you could buy with that? That is more than a lifetime membership to Facial Abuse!

I ask that you seriously consider our offer. Any girl you want! Come out to LA and become a star. ALSO, for every inch you are packing over 4, I will throw in an EXTRA $1,000. Get your tiny pecker out here and become the next Ron Jeremy kiddo!

All my best,

Mike Kulich
Monarchy Distribution
15303 Ventura Blvd
9th Floor
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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