Rape realities

I respect everyone's right to free speech. The First Amendment is a cornerstone of this country. Without it I wouldn't be able to write about fuck buddies, sex, and all the other dirty things I do in the bedroom. I also believe that just because I have this freedom, doesn't mean I have to use it.

Maybe it's age, experience, or perhaps I'm not as much of a free thinker as I thought I was. However, a recent post by Miss Ginger Millay, "Rape Fantasy: the ultimate taboo" struck my attention. In it, Millay suggested that it's not uncommon for women to fantasize about being raped.  The research she used to support her argument stemmed from a 1974 study by Hariton and Singer, in which they concluded that many women had sexual fantasies of being "overpowered and forced to surrender."