Rick Scott's letter to the editors, alternate version

Gov. Scott wants you to e-mail newspapers with a message. Try this one.

Youre all so stupid!!!!
  • You're all so stupid!!!!

Facing polls that cast him as the least popular public official since Mayor Larry Vaughn, Gov. Rick Scott is calling on supporters to send letters to the editors of prominent Florida newspapers and sing the praises of the worst governor in the nation (give or take a Scott Walker). Seeing as most Rick Scott supporters must be functionally illiterate (if not, why didn't they read all those stories about what a criminal their boy is and vote against him in the first place?), The Guv's website provides some boilerplate about how awesome he is, so that supporters need only sign their name and send it off to terrified newspapermen across the state.

Thankfully, Gov. Scott's webmaster has left editable the text of the letter, allowing supporters to personalize the message — which is exactly what I've done below. Check out the official Creative Loafing edit of Gov. Scott's letter, then cut-and-paste the text into the box provided here to send it on its way. It's the least we can do …