Where's my damn hotel? RNC delegate housing

  • The Arkansas delegation will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ybor City

Over the weekend officials from the Republican Party of Florida made an open plea for Mitt Romney to take care of them when the Republican National Convention comes to town in late August. That's because of the penalties the Republican National Committee invoked against the RPOF for (again) violating the rules regarding when they could host their presidential primary.

The RNC cut down the state's presidential delegates from 99 to 50. They also were giving out fewer guest passes to the state's delegation, and were going to assign them "reduced priority" hotels and floor seats.

At least for now, the RNC isn't budging.

That became evident when organizers for the convention announced the hotel arrangements for the various state delegations Monday morning. Florida's conventioneers are out as far as can be and still be inside Pinellas County — that being the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor.

Although there were jokes from a year ago that Florida Republicans would be sent out to Hernando County, that was never a possibility, since the Committee on Arrangements has said all of the state's delegations would be housed in either Hillsborough or Pinellas Counties.

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