Election Night Drinking Games

No matter who wins the election today, you'll need a little hooch to either jump start the celebration or provide a little solace. Considering the long hours of repetitive forecasting and

Below, you'll find links to a few complex contests of electoral imbibing, but I'd recommend those mostly for McCain supporters who'd rather devalue the experience into a mere tally of catchphrases and keywords. For anyone who actually wants to pay attention to the results, try out CL's Election Night Drinking Game.

The rules are easy to follow, even for Palin supporters:

When your candidate wins a state — drink.

When your candidate loses a state — drink twice.

For electoral college wonks, just change "state" to "ten electoral votes". That makes staying up for California extra fun.

How much you drink is up to you and your height/weight ratio. Plan for the long haul and consume accordingly. And remember, we can't all be Wade Tatangelo.

It's a simple game. The losers quickly fade into blissful oblivion, while the winners gain the happy glow of the truly satisfied.

If simple's not your bag, check out these other options:

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