Top Chef Las Vegas Podcast Special Edition: Interview with Kevin Gillespie

Just because the latest season of Top Chef is over doesn't mean we here at the Top Chef Podcast are ready to give up doing what we do every week. That's why we'll be around for a few more weeks analyzing and kvetching about Top Chef Las Vegas, but with an extra surprise - interviews with cheftestants!

For this special podcast, Jeff and I interviewed "America's Sweetheart Beard" and fan favorite, Kevin Gillespie. Kevin shared his experiences from the show with us, what he learned about himself, his food philosophy, and how the competition affected his marriage.

After the interview, Jeff and I proceed to bitch about the reunion episode.

Bonus: I say "screw the CIA" (the culinary school, not the government agency), Jeff's "America's Sweetheart Beard" t-shirt design, Kevin's ninja skills, and Top Chef "debriefing".

Enjoy! (Follow Kevin on Twitter: @TopChefKevin)

Hear the podcast after the jump: