Blind wine dinner at Columbia Restaurant: an eye-opening experience

In my job, I do a lot of cool foodie shit. But I must admit wine dinners — unless the winemaker is an exceptional speaker, the restaurant amazing or the wines mind-blowing — have lost their coolness factor. Yea, yea, sucks to be me... I know. But like any job with delicious perqs, even the most amazing events morph into "work."

But every so often, something surprises me. Like the "blindfolded" wine dinner I attended Wednesday night at the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor. Literally, blindfolded, with fabric over my eyes and no peeking. The whole meal. And we didn't know the menu items until they hit our mouths. This might be nerve-wracking for some people but I was stoked. I'm the person who marches into a restaurant and gleefully asks for the chef's fantasy menu.